No Need Penny for My Thoughts

How you love me, that’s how I will love my children

I wonder if you’re surprised that I have a blog (thought I don’t update it often) haha Instead of cluttering your facebook wall with a long post, writing on the blog seems more appropriate. 

During the younger days, everything seems perfect, fine and normal when I compare my life with other families’.

But as I grow up, I noticed a few things that I never noticed before. I see how hard you’re working and how hard it is to keep a house running. You would let me and meimei eat more. You never tell us that we don’t have enough money but you tell us that we should save more. This taught me a sense of reality that not everything is perfect nor does it have to BE perfect cause you’ve always given us the best.

As I am in uni, I can’t thank you even more for the support that you gave me. Instead of scolding and nagging me for hours like you would have used to, you’re more understanding about the problems that I share with you. Having a heart-to-heart conversations at my age now would be really great.

What’s even better is that I love how depend on God more. Because though that, I feel as if you’re healed in certain aspects. You are no longer bitter on certain issues, you pray for us which is really a blessing to me, and you understand why I want to serve in God’s ministry and to follow Him wholeheartedly. Sorry for coming home late at times and that my actions and choices worries you. I’ve always wished for you to understand me but I never too the time to understand you. (sorry)

Yesterday we celebrated Parents’ Day at church. We learnt about how to honor our parent. God must have thought that was an important thing since He made placed it as the 5th commandment.

No gifts from me to you this year mum, but I am trying to learn and be more mature in the things that I do. To honor you with my actions, speech and my lifestyle. I am still learning and many people might commend on certain things about my actions and whatnot. But who cares, I have God with me so you can at least be assured that He would not let anything happened to me that is not in His will. If He has to correct me on things that you are’t able to correct, He will and He has done it before. There are many spiritual brothers and sisters that are caring for me and are always teaching me to learn the word of God to build a strong foundation.

A Mature Me would be my only gift that I can give you now. Hugs and kisses will have to come later haha I love you mummy and Happy Mother’s Day <3 

What do you mean I should be studying….?

I remember exam weeks when I was in high school. I would deactivate my Facebook account, say goodbye to my followers on Twitter and post a I’ll Be Back photo on my Instagram.

Now that I’m in uni, I still can afford wasting hours of my time scrolling down facebook, do birthdays cards and even write a post for my blog when I should be studying haha

The cons of uni is that, unlike high school, the exam days have a HUGEEEEEEE gap in between them. I have a week(!) to study for maths. ‘study’ for math. Guess you know what that means….

TIME FOR………………..

I really shouldn’t be proud of this but that’s what my body does. My mind is determined, but my flesh is weak. 

Btw, the weekends in Johor has changed. Instead of Sats and Suns, it’s now Fris and Sats. 

Weird eh?

Will be attending my first Saturday Church Service in a few more hours. Guess I should end this and at least read a chapter of something productive. Hmm.





Just want to take this time to reflect on 2013, which has just passed by like lighting to me. Usually I’ll be writing this in my journal. However, this pass few months, I’ve stopped doing so. No particular reason why. Lazy maybe. & writing usually makes me tired as I reflect back. (the cons of being detailed) 

     I’ve just updated the title of my long abandoned blog. I’m really trying to make this blog personal in the sense I don’t want to write this as if I’m writing to a potential audience (or individual) cause then I will try and make this post shorter, more interesting, or fun to people. The sole purpose for me to start back this blog is to just type…type…and type whatever random thoughts that goes through my mind.

Without that being said, here’s an early warning that my contents will be inconsistent and may deviate from my main point. Grammar nazi, spare me please.  

Jan-March : PLKN Tuaran Kumpulan 1 Siri 10 2013
Team Hussein! 
     Joining the National Service has really impacted my life. It has made me healthier, more care free, and to not be afraid to stand out.
Waking up at 4.30am was the second toughest part of the day. The toughest was trying not to fall asleep when there’re talks, classes or role calls at night! 
    I honestly think I had an advantage entering NS after my pre-u studies. I was much more mature and did not bother to get into girl dramas or boy issues. My circle of friends that I met in NS were fun and just pleasant to be around with :)

May-August : My first permanent job!

From a friend’s recommendation, I managed to get hold of an interview to work in a christian bookstore, Capstone. I was really fun working there a the environment was always nice. I too, managed to meet a lot of different customers. Some who likes to talk, some who demands a lot, some who just enjoys browsing around. 
     The husband of my boss opened a grocer right beside his wife’s shop. With that, I manged to personally observed the setting up of the shop and got a chance to help around it too. Haha I love this kind of things! 

September-December : BAM! BAM! BAM!
BAM 1 - Attended the wedding of Chloe and Ben! It was such a great time seeing a family member who took cared of me since I was really young to finally getting a man who will now take care of her instead :)

BAM 2- I STARTED UNIVERSITY! With the encouragement and helped from people around me, I decided to take my the offer to enter a local university to start my degree. 

BAM 3- I’m studying in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn. (first, team Hussein in NS, now Uni Tun Hussein. hmmm) My uni is in PARIT RAJA! That’s in Johore by the way. So packing and saying goodbyes to KK in 3 days was overwhelming. I didn’t cry because I miss KK after flying to Semenanjung. I cried because I was SO tired physically and mentally to start a new phase of my life. I’m pretty thankful for my mum who followed me to send me off at uni. Having my grandparents around was a great support to me. With their help, I settled down in my hostel and meet tonnes of new friends.

     With this, I can conclude that it was a really fruitful year for me. I’ve grown spiritually when I joined my church’s young adults’ cell group. I too grew when I was working. God has helped me and I know there are many times when I don’t appreciate Him enough nor do I acknowledge Him enough either. Sorry God! ><

Stepping into 2014 didn’t feel like a big deal. It’s just another day passing by. However, I will try and learn how to make the best out of every opportunity given. 

How long will I be able to sustain this? Hmmmm No idea haha 


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